Your Show Daily

A daily newspaper that is ready for circulation on the morning of each day during an exhibition or event. It provides show visitors with valuable information, site maps, speaker timetables, reviews and editorial in an easy-to-read newspaper format that's absolutely free of charge.

The editorial will typically cover the previous day's news as well as what's on at the show that day and who is doing business with who. Industry news, exhibitor news and interviews will all help to promote the exhibitors' products and services to the show visitors.

The fact that the newspaper is printed daily means that late copy changes can be made instantly. For example, if the speaker schedules are changed then visitors can easily be made aware and not inconvenienced. Similarly, site maps can be updated to allow exhibitors who are late in booking their stand space to still be included on the show map.

Branded and endorsed by the event organiser your Show Daily is delivered every morning before the show starts and is available throughout the day from the entrance points and strategically positioned newspaper stands, encouraging visitors to pick up the Daily and browse the show news!